Welcome to the Sayville Yacht Club E-Store! Just choose the items you like and add a burgee from our collection.

About the Burgees, (logos):

  • Small ones are 1-1/2" - 2" tall, overall. 2" is the tallest logo available on ball caps so all of these will work. They may be applied to other garments, as well.
  • Medium ones are a bit larger, as tall as 3-1/2" depending on the design, and make a bolder statement.
  • Large ones are even bigger, as tall as 4", and are best suited for items such as tote bags and attache cases.
  • To see the logos, first select a product, enter a quantity and click 'Continue'. You will then be able to select from a list of logos and see a preview.
  • Logos that include the letters 'PC' include three silver stars and should be worn only by Past Commodores!