Roll clothes.

Roll clothes.
It's an easy way to pack them so they won't get wrinkled. Rolling works well with items like casual pants and skirts, sportshirts, pajamas and underwear. Before rolling shirts, lay them flat and neatly fold in the sleeves. Before rolling skirts, fold them lengthwise. For more delicate items, or clothes that have been neatly pressed, like dress shirts..

Try tissue. Try tissue.
Place one piece of tissue underneath the unfolded garment. Then fold it up with the tissue "inside." For additional protection, place a layer of tissue between garments when you pack them.

Separate shoes.
Shoe bags will protect your clean clothes, and can also be used to store odds and ends after you reach your destination.

Layer shoes, rolled and pressed items.
First tuck your shoe bags into the bottom corners of your luggage. Then stack your flat tissue-lined items in the center of the bag. Next, put your rolls around the perimeter of the packing space. (See how the bag gives?) When that space is filled up, place other rolls around the stacked piles. In the remaining niches, pack rolled socks and belts, even a few paperbacks.

Top it off with jacket... Top it off with jacket...
...even when you're not carrying a wardrobe or Solo Voyager. First fold them like this: Spread the blazer or sportcoat out, with the lining down. Turn the lapels and collar up so they're lying relatively flat. Fold the shoulders toward the center of the jacket's back until they meet, keeping the sleeves flat. Fold the lapels over the shoulders so that the lining is facing upward. Fold the jacket in half.

...and pants ...and pants
Lay the pants out evenly. Place the folded jacket in the middle third of the pants. Fold the bottom of the pants, then the top, over the jacket

All packed! All packed!